About US

Matcha Trove was founded by a U.S. veteran to bring you the finest quality ceremonial grade matcha tea. This veteran served for six years in the United States Army which took a physical and mental toll on him. After the military, and like many of us, he has gone from near perfect health to suffering high cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain and loss of concentration from years of poor eating, drinking and lack of exercise. The veteran was determined to restore his health and decided to change for a healthy lifestyle. While conducting research on nutrition and health, he discovered how alkaline foods are essential for the body’s PH balance and overall good health. He discovered that among plant based food alternatives, matcha is a definitive source of potent nutrients our bodies need.

Matcha provides small amounts of vitamins, minerals and is a ridiculous source of antioxidants nutrionists call “polyphenols”. Polyphenols have been connected to anti-aging, protection against heart disease, cancer, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. At the same time, matcha boosts your energy levels and metabolism helping you to control your weight. For hundreds of years the Japanese have been enjoying matcha in their tea ceremonies while taking advantage of its health benefits and now it has finally made its way to America. Matcha Trove is proud to bring you the finest quality ceremonial grade matcha powder for your health and enjoyment.  Enjoy your matcha in many forms such as green tea, latte, Frappuccino or in hundreds of desserts.